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Sub metering solution

Submetering is the installation of metering devices to measure actual consumption after the primary utility meter.

Benefits PML/Conlog Sub metering solution 

  • Landlord or condominium association owns the system.
  • Minimum operating and maintenance costs as its cloud hosted.
  • Consumers (tenants) can associate and consolidate their activities under a single supply point and attain a lower bulk tariff.
  • Increase property values
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 34%
  • Reduce exposure to future price escalation
  • Allow residents to pay for only what they use and deliver a financial incentive for their conservation efforts
  • Provide consumption data for analysis by residents and owners i.e. track potential issues such as faulty equipment or prohibited activities
  • Landlord is in command of the tariff.

Benefits of Cloud hosted solution

For the landlord.

  • No I.T skills required by the landlord to keep it running.
  • No meter reading required.
  • No software needed to install and configure, all Landlord needs is purchase and install meters.
  • Landlord can access system anywhere anytime. It’s online, Enabling Continuous Monitoring.
  • Landlord is in control of the tariff engine and just needs to inform us as to what the tariff needs be set on.
  • Simpler and cheaper revenue collection cycle Payment in advance (improved cash flow) leading to reduced risk on your utility collections. Landlords protected from large, unpaid accounts at the end of a lease period.
  • Better Control of Utility accounts from UMEME
  • Ensure tenants pay for electricity before consuming it – no usage disputes/doubts
  • Zero consumer debt. Money is collected upfront from tenants.
  • Reduced administration. No more bills for utilities that need to be distributed to tenants. No Collection Hassles
  • Elimination of utility billing disputes resulting in a more harmonious relationship between estate/building management and tenants. More control and transparency for all parties – developer/landlord/managing agent and tenant.
  • Equitable billing for all – no cross-subsidizing of non-payers
  • Eliminates disconnections / reconnections
  • Mechanism for debt recovery
  • Fraud control
  • Supports capital recovery model for financing
  • Facilitates third party partnerships in utility payments
  • Accurate and frequent consumer records

Benefits for the Customer

  • Improved ability to manage utility bills, leading to better Control of Utility payments by tenants
  • No more end month shock bills and outstanding liabilities
  • Reduced utility expenses because of a change in consumer usage behaviour.
  • Reduced electricity consumption (average 25 – 30%).