We provide a holistic end-to-end solution that comprises of various products, software and services. Our aim is to offer real solutions that will change the way businesses and property management groups manage their operational efficiencies and thus improving effectiveness in service delivery.

Prepaid Metering

PML /Conlog specialises in prepayment solutions and therefore our metering product range is one of the most
comprehensive in the industry. Customers are able to select from single phase devices for the residential sector, through to three phase devices for light industrial applications. We also offer a variety of metering footprints, to enable cost effective solutions for the deployment of prepayment into both new and retrofit environments.

All our meters are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are STS approved. In addition, all meters are available with:

  • Class one or Class two accuracy
  • Enhanced tamper detection
  • Reverse energy detection and measurement
  • Delayed reconnection
  • Programmable under and over voltage trip
  • History of tokens entered into the meter
  • Variety of consumption information
  • Consumption rate indicator
  • Galvanic isolation, where applicable
Conlog Meters