About Us

Prepaid Meters Limited (PML)! The official local Representative and agent of Conlog Pty Limited, based in South Africa. Conlog are manufacturers of electricity prepaid metering solutions.

PML is a professional energy metering Service provider with a strong tradition of leadership. PML was established and incorporated in 2017 as a prepaid metering services provider for the private and sub metering market.

We are based in Uganda with our head offices in Kampala, at Rwenzori Towers, 5th Floor.

Our  Promise

The PML Team is a highly qualified and experienced team, as only the best will do for our customers! We at PML promise that all works and services will be done by highly qualified personnel.

Honesty and integrity is of utmost importance to us, and we’re proud to be a company that values ethical behaviour. We are committed to customer service and to improving the efficiency of our operations.

PML is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, no matter what challenges we face. Our customers can always count on us to meet all their metering needs and more. Fulfilling our clients and customers trust is not only our core mission but is what PML is all about.

Most property developers, landlords and Managers across Uganda will know that our ability to manage large property portfolios and complex projects is what sets us apart in the metering industry.

We therefore assure you that our extensive knowledge of the electricity and utility industry coupled with years of experience gained towards field and office integration, will allow us to assist all our customers with their unique individual needs.

PML’s robust and advanced prepaid metering management system, ULTIMA PLUS, with lots of powerful features to manage any large electricity portfolio with ease gives us the edge in the industry.

The management system is powered and hosted by Conlog (Pty) Ltd, based in Durban, South Africa