About Us

Who we are

Prepaid Meters Limited (PML)! The official local Representative and agent of Conlog Pty Limited, based in South Africa. Conlog are manufacturers of electricity prepaid metering solutions.

PML is a professional energy metering Service provider with a strong tradition of leadership. PML was established and incorporated in 2017 as a prepaid metering services provider for the private and sub metering market.

We are based in Uganda with our head offices in Kampala, at Rwenzori Towers, 5th Floor.

PML Expertise

PML specializes in providing prepaid metering solutions and services.

Along with  having  the  best brand of metering systems,  PML  also  provides  the  best possible  expertise,  support  and  guidance with all consultations and installations.

We at PML believe that quality is of utmost importance and great quality products and services deserve great quality proficiency.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to produce Customer Satisfaction and become known as the private and sub metering service provider of choice in Uganda with quality personnel that are consistently being properly trained and educated to ensure an effective, helpful and a very friendly customer service.

PML’s mission is to offer Landlords the best prepaid sub metering services in the Uganda. We are committed to providing the service quality and value that our customers expect

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