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Welcome to Prepaid Meters Limited (PML)! The official local Representative and agent of Conlog Pty Limited, based in South Africa. Conlog are manufacturers of electricity prepaid metering solutions.
What is Prepaid Meters
A prepayment meter allows you to pay for your energy before you use it. This gives you control over your energy spend
How It Works
Landlords use their own appointed electrician to install the prepayment meters. Landlords may install as many prepaid meters per property as the main supply permits.
Using Prepaid Meters
Once installed tenants top up their prepayment meters by purchasing power codes vended by Prepaid Meters Ltd. These payments are accumulates throughout the month and transferred to the registered Landlord on the next month.
Conlog Meters

Benefits of Using Prepaid Meters Sub Metering Solutions

– Landlord or condominium association owns the system.
– Minimum operating and maintenance costs as its cloud hosted.
– Consumers (tenants) can associate and consolidate their activities under a single supply point and attain a lower bulk tariff.
– Increase property values
– Reduce energy consumption by up to 34%
– Reduce exposure to future price escalation
– Allow residents to pay for only what they use and deliver a financial incentive for their conservation efforts
– Provide consumption data for analysis by residents and owners i.e. track potential issues such as faulty equipment or prohibited activities
– Landlord is in command of the tariff.

We’re Here To Help You Save

We help you better understand your consumption and cost when it comes to utilities. From monitoring to billing, we give you the necessary tools to keep track of your usage, and only pay for what you consume.

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